LLC Trading House «Alfaplastic»

Oryol manufacturer of medical devices has established deliveries to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus.

LLC TH Alfaplastic ( — manufacturer of medical products, beauty, sports and recreation products. The production is located in Oryol. Since 1942, products made of rubber, PVC, silicone and other polymers, which are used everywhere, have been manufactured here. These are mainly medical products: hot water bottles, catheters, rubber tubes, plugs and much more. According to their production, Alfaplastic is one of the three largest manufacturers in Russia.

Products of the Oryol company can be found not only in a pharmacy or a hospital, but, for example, on a hockey court — a puck, in the garden — a watering hose, in the pool — fins, even during fishing — a rubber cord for fishermen. The company’s products are in great demand throughout Russia and the CIS countries. The main customers are large pharmacy chains, pharmaceutical distributors, medical and sports institutions, factories, laboratories, chain and retail stores.

Cooperation between Alfaplastika and the Oryol Regional Export Support Center began in 2020. The Center’s specialists helped to search for partners in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan. Now the products are supplied to these countries. At the end of the year, the company became the winner in the «Exporter of the Year — 2020» competition in the «Breakthrough of the Year» nomination.

In 2021, the company began to look more closely at the markets of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, extensive marketing research was conducted in the Export Support Center. The result is also expected from the company’s placement on major electronic trading platforms: Epinduo and Alibaba. The participation in the 30th international exhibition «Medical Equipment, Medical Products and Consumables» is also planned.